2:40 Tribe: presents 4th of July with Danny the Wildchild & Friends - SpeedySlaps

Speedyslaps: Heather, tell us about this event and why it is important to you?

Heather (2:40 Tribe): I’m more than honored to bring the 4th back featuring Danny the Wildchild from Chicago, Illinois, and more than honored to have Speedyslaps.com sponsor it.  We’re dedicating this party to a staple in our scene, my best friend, Christian "Gramps" aka DJ Housefly, a legendary story teller and shit talker with a big heart. Gramps was genuinely freaking excited for Danny last year, SO excited he was gonna wipe out the excuses and come out and perform again this year.  So for everyone asking why I’m doing a Drum & Bass show in honor of my hater homie, there. Haha...

"Bishes, bikinis & BBQ" - Heather

To my other wild childs that give their love and support, no drama, and are constantly there for me.


Y’all are all so freaking awesome, there’s not enough words.

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Speedyslaps: As the founding member of 2:40 Tribe, where do you see bass music headed for New Orleans over the next year?

Kid Klymaxx: We've always had a couple of different collectives: 2:40 Tribe, Below C-Level, NOLADNB, Louisiana DNB, Seize Assist, The Dohm Collective, and a few others that have been faithfully pushing this music and Drum & Bass in general. I think it will always thrive. Even though it's gotten more popular in America, the sound is constantly evolving.  There will always be a changing of venues, promoters, fans and new young talent to keep it alive.

"The underground vibe is still here"

Speedyslaps: What made you choose your DJ name?

Kid Klymaxx: I came up with Kid Klymaxx because I'm hypersexual and I thought long and hard about it. I couldn't think of anything I loved more than having an orgasm. I was 17 when I started playing, so Kid Klymaxx is what I came up with. It also fit because I play nasty, hard, make-your-neck-snap, type Drum & Bass which is very climactic, so it works on two levels. In general, I lean heavily towards Neurofunk, Tech Step, and Hardcore Jungle.

"Make a face like you just took a bite out of a raw onion," That's the sound I'm going for. - Kid Klymaxx

Speedyslaps: What are some good memories in the NOLA scene you all can share?
Kid Klymaxx: Performing at the State Palace for the first time at 19 years old with a packed crowd of 400 people felt like the roof was going to cave in. 

"They started dancing and going ape shit"

I brought 60 mixtapes with me and didn't have one left by the end. That was my first show in New Orleans and it's still one of the best memories I've had as a DJ.

DJ Syn: Another memory is a party called a very horny disco porno xmas in 1999. That’s the night dub grabbed me by my balls and 24 years later here I am. That night, AK1200, 187, and Monk all played DnB MainStage.

Speedyslaps: What would be absolutely amazing and new for the New Orleans music scene?

Kid Klymaxx: If someone bought and renovated State Palace and started doing shows there again!

Dj Syn:  Like Wilbur said if State Palace would get reopened. That place and FreeBass Society are such a huge part of my life, I miss it.

Speedyslaps: What is 2:40 Tribe and where did the name come from?

It started out as a pothead 4:20 joke but then turned into DJ crew. We kept on adding more, one by one. I love them like they are my blood. There is about 12 of us that have it tattooed on our bodies. Heather is the one who has tried to take it to the next level in that aspect. However one chooses to view it, The 2:40 Tribe is my tribe and it's my life.

"Wilbur and Heather, Two of the realest people of the scene in Louisiana" - DJ SYN

Lets now have a quick chat with the other artists on the roster.

Speedyslaps: By your name, we're assuming your a turntablist?

Tony Skratchere: I started battling in 1999. I’ve entered 25 DMC regional battles in ten years, never placing higher than 2nd. I’ve won a bunch of regional battles (Guitar Center, Kool Mixx, other one shot local stuff…) I am the DMC Official New Orleans rep, and I’ve judged 5 US Championships

Speedyslaps: Do you have a special routine for this event?

Tony Skratchere: My whole style is based on battling…

My djing is like one long routine. More like a Threestyle set than a DMC performance, but I could break out some beat juggles and a skratch routine for the show.

Speedyslaps: What artists were your inspiration?

Tony Skratchere: As far as skratching, D-Styles. Beat juggling, Babu, Total Eclipse, and Rob Swift. Djing in general, the Beat Junkies, Dj Screw, Z-Trip, Mr. Dibbs specifically. I’m still plugged into the battle scene and follow anyone doing anything fresh.

Speedyslaps: Check out an in depth video interview with Tony in 2014 Here.

Speedyslaps: ATEK how would you describe your sound?

ΛTΞΚ: The goal of my sound is blurring the lines between the sensory and cerebral, merging all of the sound I grew up on.  Head-bobbing should also have some ‘oh shit!’ moments, and points where the hair on your arms stands up. Good storytelling should bring the occasional bouts of the unexpected and contextual conflict.  

"Blade Runner flavored Cyberpunk with candy Fight Club sprinkles!"

Jaysen (left) / ATEK (right)


Speedyslaps: Everyone's scene has it's obstacles. What would be the best possible win for your music scene?

DJ Syn: If we come together and I mean really come together and not just talk on social media, we could make New Orleans a pillar of the American dance scene again like it was from 1997 - 2004.  

Speedyslaps: What are your favorite Drum & Bass producers to mix in sets?

DJ Syn: Well it varies depending on what I'm playing. Since I play mostly Neuro, I'd have to say guys like Transforma, Basys, ESKR, and pretty much anything from the labels Covet, Bass Rabbit, Root 97, and Neuroheadz and Stonx

Speedyslaps: What are your favorite Drum & Bass producers to mix in sets?

DJ Syn: Well currently I'd have to say Formidian, Jane Doe, Clusta, Basys, LxT, Transforma, Eskr, and Highthere.

Too many great artist and labels to list them all, and of course damn near anything from the classic five families of D&B: Renegade Hardware, Ram, Virus, Moving shadow, and Technique Recordings.

Tankman: As you say Renegade Hardware that reminds me when our Arizona camp brought out DJ Ink & Loxy. After an absolutely mad show they came over to our pad to scope our homemade Turtle/Sandbox 5 Gallon Gravity Bong which got them proper faded. At that point, was a perfect opportunity to get my copy of "The Joint" signed by DJ Ink.

Speedyslaps: Who are your favorite artist and performers that influenced your style?

DJ Syn: First and foremost, Dieselboy, the don of USDNB, after that, Ed Rush and Optical. Amongst new artists my boy Cluster the kiwi, Formidian, and Lxt are absolutely sick producers and DJs; I Love to listen to the way they do a mix. 

Tankman: I will have to agree with you there. Dieselboy was the first Drum & Bass DJ I heard perform at my first rave in 2000 at the 611 Ways To Do It @ The Nile in Mesa, Arizona.  A four hour set that completely got me hooked to D&B and the culture we still know and love. "Big ups!"

Tankman:  This is the cover art for my new mix that will be limited to only 25 signed copies, which includes a Tankman sticker pack.  The most enthusiastic dancers or fans in front of my set will receive one first.

Speedyslaps: Why do they call you Silent Rob?  

Silent Rob: I speak not with words but through face melting, heart stopping, Drum & Bass. I don't talk much, but when I do, it's usually something profound or meaningful, like Silent Bob in the movies.

"I hope y'all are ready to put your hands up to get Silent Robbed for the first time ever!"

Speedyslaps: What genres do you play?  

Silent Rob: Dark liquid DnB, Breaks, Hardcore Jungle, and some Jump-up.

Speedyslaps: What are some DJs that inspire you?

Silent Rob: Audio, kyrist, Amoss, SubFocus, and urbandawn and my biggest influencer hands down is the Don himself, Kid Klymaxx.

Speedyslaps: Ellis, what would be an ultimate gig milestone for you?

That Dude You Know: I think for me personally, I would like to actually go on tour. Nothing fancy, Just a lil tour from Texas to Florida. It would be nice to stretch my name and my legs. I gotta smash the ArkLaMiss at least once.

Sticker Art by: Ellis (ThatDudeYouKnow) Title: "Trash Can, Not Trash Can't"

Tankman: Your sticker art is so gnarly Ellis, the style and colors remind me of our wild a$$ times in 2012 romp'n the quarter after "Church" nights. I love you guys!

Speedyslaps: Read more about Tankman in our interview last week here.

Speedyslaps: T.D.Y.K., What are some of your favorite producers you like to rinse out in your sets?

That Dude You Know: Majority of the cats that's on Deep Dark And Dangerous label.

Speedyslaps: Do you have anything you want to say to those in NOLA and near that are thinking of coming out to the show?

"No running by the pool!" - That Dude You Know:

Photo Credit: cn traveler & resort pass

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Thank you all for your time and we are excited to party in New Orleans! - Team SS

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