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Special services

Here are some fresh off the press & unique business tools our team at Speedy Slaps cooked up.


What is a sticker door hanger?  Oh I'm glad you asked, its a hybrid of the two creating a fun tool and new marketing reach.  For example there is an area where a piece of the tool splits off to a refrigerator reminder sticker, while the other pieces can be a coupon code sticker, fun brand related stickers for the kids or photos of services or products.  This can be used for any business/services, however it works best with seasonal or repeat local service companies.
Double Sticker you say?  2 stickers in 1 hand out.  For businesses or brands.  Handy if you have a fun sticker people like to represent like a design, icon or symbol.  With-in the same hand out sticker you also have given them a informational sticker they can place in a common place (kitchen, office, etc.) to remember your services if a business, or a release date reminder if an Musician. 
What do you mean "Sign" my stickers?  Yes, we the collectors of the world find value in who you are and what you do.  Our mission is to take a Holographic signable and numbered sticker and start a movement with the Music & Arts Industry and beyond.  By trading and selling each others signables it gives an option for additional income for artists & brands with a fun item for fans or collectors in return. 
And yes we thought having a digital version of your new fancy Small Batch Holographic Collectables would be nice. If added,  We take your final design and create a 360 (quick spin like a coin) 5 second video .mp4 (h_264) For MINTING as an NFT to be released in tandem or pre/post release.

If you have an idea for a product/service you are needing Message us and we will see if we can assist your project. - Team Speedy Slaps



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