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$39 for 100ct. Holo

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Custom Printed Labels

Custom cut-to-size printed labels for Products

We machine cut our labels to size requested on high quality gloss, matte, clear or holographic vinyl material.

Our customers use our products for labeling body butter jars, liquid soaps bottles, botanical soaps, candle lids, honey buckets, cbd blams, food and soda packaging for ecommerce shops or retail shelves.

Our labels are printed on 3-6 mil. vinyl self-adhesive material that bonds strong to flat surfaces Freezer proof, water proof and easy to apply by hand. For custom core labels applied by machine just send us an email with your specifications and we will get back to you shortly with a quote for orders of 250k and up.  No setup fees, or plate charges.

Do we have a sticker or label service you do not see?  Looking for an long term agreement and best prices?  Call our team for friendly service & quotes. 1-800 513-1649 | Message Us |

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