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$39 for 100ct. Holo

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Door hanger & sticker hybrid marketing & advertisement tool for your business, and is the first of its kind to exist... 

This unique¬†SpeedySlaps‚ĄĘ design and layout we call The Sticker Door Hanger‚ĄĘ is extremely effective for businesses that offer regular, seasonal services or personal touch services like:
  • Vacation Destination Businesses.
  • Lawn Care & Landscape Companies.¬†
  • Pool Care &¬†Maintenance¬†Services.
  • Snow Removal Services.
  • Sports and Recreational Facilities.
  • Barber Shops.
  • Tax Preparation Services.
  • School-Related Companies.
  • HVAC Companies.
  • Real Estate Companies.
  • Political Campaigns.

Here's what is included when you order The Sticker Door Hanger‚ĄĘ #stickerdoorhanger #stickydoorhanger #doorhangerhybrid #inovation #new

‚ėÖ¬†1 on 1 Design Time with our team to design until you are happy.

‚ėÖ Bonus circle stickers (where the hole is) of your matching quantity.

6" Tall x 2.5" Wide with a equal quantity 1" Round Sticker Handouts

7" Tall x 3" Wide with a equal quantity 1.25" Round Sticker Handouts

8" Tall x 3.5" Wide with a equal quantity 1.5" Round Sticker Handouts

‚ėÖ Up to¬†(2) Featured Small Stickers or (1) Coupon Sticker & (1) QR Code Sticker

‚ėÖ (1) Square Informational "Refrigerator Reminder Sticker"

These sticker door hangers have a machine cut "slit" on the side to fit most doors.  Essentially this is a (4) Sticker + Door Hanger Combination for your business as Exciting new door to door marketing tool. 

Do we have a sticker or label service you do not see?  Looking for an long term agreement and best prices?  Call our team for friendly service & quotes. 1-800 513-1649 | Message Us |

Sticker door hangers

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