• Print unlimited batches with our single label or branding licenseĀ and design servicesĀ (does not cover multiple labels or designs) at a one time cost for as long as you print with us.Ā 
  • Our designers own theĀ creative rights to the new design for printing.Ā 
  • Optional full ownership (commercial free use) of your new label design is available at anytime, which grants you project file downloads for your records and backup in Adobe Illustrator Project file types .ai, .eps and pdf.Ā  Print anytime, anywhere, with anyone when u purchase a buy out license (call us for more details).
  • If you require edits of any kind with your existing label that requires aĀ basic or higher service, the new layout is considered a new project file and the same rights apply to theĀ designer's creative rights.Ā Ā At any point you are free to use yourĀ original labelĀ designsĀ not edited by us however you wish to use them.Ā 
  • Font(s) and Type font(s) have their own licensing / end user agreements and we recommend acquiring the appropriate licenses from the copywrite owners if necessary for commercial use.Ā Unless requested we will by default use commercial free use fonts to design our labels, however it is always good to know the font, use and licensesĀ being used.Ā 
  • By default we assume you own the licensesĀ to the artwork, logo(s), photos and font(s) required to complete your label for commercial use before we begin text and design layout(s).

If you own the rights to your label design you do not need this service, unless you require a major re-design or re-creation of yourĀ current lower quality file.

If you have any additional questions about our policy please call us at 1 800-513-1649