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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer your sticker questions here to make sure you feel confident before you order with us.  We want to ensure you are happy with the results.

How long will these stickers last?

Our stickers have been tested to ensure durability in both indoor and outdoor environments. Generally, we say our sticker products will last 2-3 years.  Bottom line, we stand behind the quality of our products.

What Is a Double Cut and why do you do it to your stickers?

Our Stickers have a double cutline for a few reasons:

(1) Gives your sticker a unique Front Easy Peel Feature making it quick to remove your sticker from its paper backing (2) The ability to list your brand's @handle or .com on your sticker.  

(3) We add printed in the USA + year of print to your sticker, making it a collectable feature.

(4) Optional second look with the easy peel line off (this removes the @Handle/Year Info & 2nd collectable feature making non-peeled stickers more rare for collectors) gives the ability to give your sticker a second polished look.

I need a specific size sticker/label?

 Choose the closest size to what you are wanting.

(the largest number is the one u want to select,  example: 3" x 4" size needing then you would choose 4" inch sticker for your size, and upload image and add in your notes you want 3 x 4) OR just give us a call or drop us a message on our contact page if you wish.

Are your stickers waterproof?


Will it cost more to put different colors on my sticker artwork?

No, our prices include full color printing. Simply choose the look you prefer and get the same great price and awesome durability.

How do I know if my artwork file is good enough quality to make a good sticker?

If you send a vector file, there should be no problem. Artwork with a high resolution of 300 dpi or better usually works well. However, if the resolution of the artwork you send us is too low, we will advise you that we need a higher resolution file via email. We do not want to print anything for you that won't look good!  Customer satisfaction is important to us.

What file formats do you accept?

We accept most files but recommend JPEG, PDF, AI or PNG. 

Can I see a sample of my sticker before you print it?

Sure. We print a sample proof  and send it to you via email.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. We also take checks if you are local.

What are your shipping rates?

Shipping within the United States is free. Expedited please give us a call.

Will I get my stickers/labels in time when I need it?

If you need your stickers on a specific date please give us a call for exp shipping prices. Any order placed after 3pm eastern time will be shipped the next Business day. In some cases we can ship after 3pm but please call us for more information.

Can I chat with someone, I have a few questions?

Yes, 1-800 513-1649