100% approval before we print

Yes, we send a digital proof of exactly how your sticker or label will look like.

  • Digital proofs are only available after placing an order.
  • Your assigned designer will create the best looking professional cutline for your design and send it to your email for approval.
  • If edits to your cutline are required we will make the necessary adjustments until you are happy with the look of your sticker or label.
  • During this proofing process is the chance to communicate with our team any changes, adjustment or edits to your designs.
  • Lastly an "I approve" confirmation and acceptance of our print policy is required before we print any order for 100% transparency and accuracy.

However if you would like to request a physical sample that can be arranged HERE.


When you place an order and approve our digital proofs before 2 p.m. EST Monday - Friday you qualify for our fastest printing solution and service in the United States.

We produce up to 1000 quantity stickers or labels on a roll for packaging with same day rush processing and drop off to our carriers for next day delivery (overnight tracking sent the same day).

The process:

  • Order is placed
  • Personal designer assigned
  • File quality check (image resolution)
  • Designer creates cutline (where the machine cuts your label or sticker)
  • Send digital proof for approval & print policy confirmation
  • Print, cut and process your stickers or labels in hours.
  • Rush drop off to USPS, FED-EX or UPS for next day arrival (times vary)
  • Tracking information provided same day of ordering

SAME DAY PRINT & SHIP • UP TO 500 QTY. • NEXT DAY • — $88.88 🚀

SAME DAY PRINT & SHIP • UP TO 1000 QTY. • NEXT DAY • — $138.88 🚀

*Express shipping rates at speedyslaps.com may vary throughout the year.

Yes, we just added our new affordable pricing and 72 hour turnaround service for sticker or label quantities of 1000. Our SpeedySlaps Express™ shipping options may be just what you need. 



SPEEDYSLAPS EXPRESS™ • UP TO 1000 QTY. • 3 DAYS — $68.88 🐆

*Express shipping rates at speedyslaps.com may vary throughout the year.

Receive your custom sticker or label order in 8-11 days on average with a standard free shipping option.

*All sticker or label orders are processed during normal business hours from 6 am to 9 pm EST Monday - Friday excluding public holidays.

In summary 8 days is standard shipping time from coast to coast, Hawaii and Alaska may vary slightly with shipping times.

We make every effort to fulfill orders as quickly as possible. Understand we are a team of professionals that work with the capabilities of our machines and process orders as they come in.  We do the best we can, thank you for your patience.

  • First-Class Mail® orders do not require signature, nor include insurance.
  • Priority Mail® packagesrequire a signature to enable a $100 of insurance that comes with this service.
  • If you choose to waive the signature, insurance is not included.
  • Priority Mail Express® next day service requires a signature for insurance and security purposes, unless waived by the customer to insure a hassle free drop-off.
  • We do not recommend waving the signature if your area is prone to package theft.

Yes we ship to all 50 states including hawaii and alaska!

If you are in Alaska or Hawaii and need express shipping please contact us to make sure it is possible in your area via our third party carriers.

  • We deliver our packages in hand to USPS and if special arrival times are requested we use FedEx.


  • Most of the general public is used to:

  • The Classic style (our default cutting process) which produces a single machine cut* around the out or inside of your design for accurate duplication.*pink or grey cut lines shown on digital proofs will not be visible on your stickers or labels. This tells our machines where to cut.

  • TIP: Hold the sticker with your fingers and thumb exposing the top left corner with one hand, on the other hand, placing your fingers on top of the sticker with your thumb on the left edge allows the sticker to separate from the paper backing and vinyl sticker in an angle downward motion. It may take a little practice to get good at it.

Yes you can, just lets us know what cut style you would like in the "Instructions box" located above "choose file section" on any sticker or label product.

  • Easy peel tabs feature a tab on the side of your sticker for simple bend and peel which separates from the sticker backing and the sticker.  The tab also shows our SpeedySlaps™ Paw icon and the year of print + the old school triangle "peel here" icon. 
  • Easy info peel tabs feature a tab on the side of your sticker for simple bend and peel which separates from the sticker backing and the sticker.  The may feature your .com, @ or #, phrase (18 characters suggested max) and or social media icons + follow text.
  • Double cut style allows the customer to add their information on the sticker peel line (area around your sticker) Most add their .com, @handle, #hashtag or phrase.  This cut style also allows easy bend and peel separation of your sticker from paper backing.
  • Collector's cut style Is our signature style.  Featuring your brands @handle, # or .com with a divider along with speedyslaps.com (to show support for our community) around or below your stickers info area (not on the sticker itself).  It also comes with the easy bend and peel separation of your sticker from paper backing feature.

Yes, yes and yes!

Our stickers have been tested to ensure durability in both indoor and outdoor environments. Generally, we say our sticker products will last 3-5 years.

  • If it is a specific size that needs to fit on a specified area then it would be best to call us and our team will assist you further for checking out or send a custom invoice to an email you provide. Alternatively choose the closest size to what you need and type in special instructions what u require.  If your size is larger than 7" inches please contact us for a quote.

No, our prices include full color printing (with the exception of special offers or owners specials). Simply choose the look you prefer and get the same great price and awesome durability.

File uploads

We accept most files but here are some common types we work with daily.

  • .png .jpg .webp .tiff .bmp .gif .pict .qtif .sgi .pdf .eps .ai .raw (.cr2 .nef .orf .sr2 +) .zip or .rar (if multiple files are required)
  • Pc, Mac or Linux systems files are all accepted.

If you send a vector file, there should be no problem. Artwork with a high resolution of 300 dpi or better usually works well. However, if the resolution of the artwork you send us is too low, we will advise you that we need a higher resolution file via email. We do not want to print anything for you that won't look good!  Customer satisfaction is important to us.

Please attach files and send us an email for our design team to pass quality check and provide a digital proof for your approval before processing and shipping your order.


Yes, if there are no changes to your last sticker or label and have ordered in the past 12 months, we keep your file in our system for easy reorders.

If you require changes to your label or sticker by any means, this is not considered a reorder.

Our process when a new file is requested.

  • Quality inspection of file
  • Designers create your cutline
  • Send digital proof
  • Change media and calibration settings for your file
  • physical test cut
  • physical test print
  • Quality inspection of sticker
  • Print your order, process and ship.

Yes, if we have printed your design within 1 year, your next order is considered a re-order and we grant extra stickers or labels on top of your order as a bonus.

Checking out

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Venmo, Shop Pay, Apple pay, Diner's club, Facebook pay, Google pay, ACH, Wire Transfers, which can be arranged.

We now accept crypto currency via Coinbase Commerce at checkout.

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • USDC


After your approval of your digital proof we are unable to refund or reproduce your order if wrong spelling, cutline, quantity, size, or design errors occur after our team confirms your go ahead to print via email, phone or text.  

All sales are final because all of our products are 100% custom made to order and are only useful for the customer that ordered it. 

However, upon inspection if you feel there is an issue with the quality of the product's cut consistency or print please contact us within 72 hours and one of our staff will be happy to address your concern. 

On rare occasions our machines can make slight errors in the process, even though we have a high standard of checking every order and do our best to provide the most consistent quality for your project.

If we find that our production process was flawed we will request photo proof and possible return of the entire order before we re-print and ship your order in the same way that it was originally placed for your satisfaction guarantee. 

Please allow 5 days to process qualified re-orders with speedyslaps.com 

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