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$39 for 100ct. Holo

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Holographic Stickers

Custom cut-to-size holographic stickers, and yes we offer overnight delivery.

High quality holographic stickers on a 6 mil. vinyl material that gives an enhancement to your designs.  Any colors or black and white from circle, square to custom cut to your image's shape.  Enjoy our easy peel feature as well as an optional .com or handle add to your stickers peel line at no extra cost.  No information on your stickers is standard, unless you request otherwise for holographic.

Holographic stickers are a 4 decade and counting trend that seems to never stop. A very attractive way to promote your brand or business in this flashy world we live in. Our thick 6 mil vinyl stickers are perfect for weight and durability. Our Eco Solvent ink produces brilliant vibrant colors for your designs to pop off the sticker.

SPECTRUM HOLOGRAPIHC Our standard rainbow vinyl sticker material which reflects light.

CHROME HOLOGRAPIHC Adds a silver or metallic look to your existing design.

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