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$39 for 100ct. Holo

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Holographic Labels

Holographic Spectrum (rainbow) and Foil holographic custom cut-to-size labels on a roll

Ideal for your processing your botanical soaps, honey buckets, cleaning and disinfectant products, and other retail products set for the ecommerce shops or retail businesses.

We provide custom highly detailed label printing and machine cut to size requirements to fill your orders. Refer to size charts and leave special instructions if necessary.

Spectrum (rainbow) holographic material is best for all color designs. Rich and vibrant for full black label designs to full color spectrum, this material rocks!

* Spectrum holographic has a blank paper backing (non wax) as a special feature.

Foil holographic material is excellent for light colored designs.  If your label design presents more then 20% black, please choose Spectrum holographic instead of foil. 

* Foil holographic has a blank paper backing (non wax) as a special feature.

Our holographic labels are the best way to hold a professional and fresh look with your brand's designs. Easy to apply labels by hand or if you are a larger business we can provide large volume (250k+) machine application rolls & cores to your specifications.

Just upload your drawing, logo, album art or photo and we will transform it into a custom cut or any shape of the size selected.  Work with our designers to ensure your project is exactly as you dreamed it.

Do you have a sticker or label service you do not see?  Have a bulk or annual contracts to fill?  Call our team for friendly service & quotes. 1-800 513-1649 | Message Us |

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