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Speedy Slaps never disappoints!

Another order processed and shipped fast. Loving the variety of holographic sticker styles, they can make almost any logo design pop in a unique way.

Glow in the dark stickers
Stephen Woolwine
They don’t stick very well

They glow amazing but I’m having problems with the sticking to the paper they came on as well as sticking to the surfaces I stick them to

Thank you for your concern, we have temporarily stopped selling this product do to a couple reviews like yours, have contacted our distributor and will be getting a different material that sticks better. Thank you for your feed back as it is very important to us and we will give you credit for the glow in the dark stickers you ordered to make up for the inconvenience.

Fast and Easy

Best place for stickers period! Gave me more than I asked for and extras for free!

50% off custom stickers
David Pachter
Best in the biz

I cannot say enough about the stickers and service I got from speedyslaps. Fast, communicative, friendly, fair prices, a great selection of options. 15/10 will buy again

Another quality order

Fast turnaround and first class customer service. The holographic style looks great. I like how they do the double cut making it easy to peel the sticker off the backing, and they’ll even add your website and/or social tags on the cut line. Pricing is competitive and special deals make it a no-brainer. 10/10

These went perfect for my daughters birthday party!

Will order again 10/10


I love my stickers so much!

Great as always.

Just had to take advantage of your special, i usually get 1000 but this was too good to pass up for a quick re-load!

I'm in LOVE!

The trippy growing circle pattern is mesmerizing.

They work supprizingly well.

We ordered a small batch and tested regular door hangers vs these and we got more calls and response from how cool of a company we were for the unique advertising! Thanks for making us look good.

Sharp corners just how I like it!

Super crisp cut work thanks.

Thanks for runing Ads or i wouldn't of found you.

I love your holographic stickers and how easy to peel they are!

Worked great for my event!

I ordered a few hundred for my event, customer support was quick to assist and questions I had. Then a few hours after approving the stickers I received tracking to my email (side note I had to check my other email folders to find the confirmation email and tracking). The next day I got my stickers and they are awesome! Their overnight service is unbelievable!!! Thanks again Speedyslaps you got a happy mama here.

The cleanest holographic ive seen in a while

Love your holographic, ive tried so many print companies and so many of them have scratches all over the material. And on top of that i can write on the back of these with sharpie! Thanks

Fast Delivery

Ordered on Monday got em Friday with Free Shipping. Impressive


My batch flew off the shelves at the last craft event, the show before that about 30% left on shelves. Pretty interesting. Will order again!

Nice on mylar bags

Nice labels 10/10 and the print is really top notch. Thanks B

nice and reflective

We needed some extra flare for our go-carts so we decided to try out some holographic. Sticks great to painted metal and it rained a few times with no signs of wear! Keep up the great work

they pass the water test! but..

We put them on aluminum water bottles to give out for to our gym team and they work great. Only thing I would recommend is hand washing, only because they only lasted a few runs in the dishwasher before showing a little wear. But on the flip side they gave extra stickers with our order so we don't mind if we have to put another one on or give out extras with the bottles. Thanks Speedyslaps! were going to try holographic next! sorry for the 4 stars, just being real. We are still a customer!

your green and orange are so VIBRANT! wow!

Excellent print quality ill keep coming back

Nice labels dudes

Ordered a small batch for some homebrew, way better then the paper labels I had last run. Thanks guys - Zak The Beer Man

Love the value!

They always give me extra labels! I love it because I totally mess up on some of them when i apply to my boxes, the adhesive is very sticky so it grabs the fibers making it a one time application if your applying to paper type surfaces.

Gives my hotsauce bottles that pro look

Never new how good my sauce could look!

Beautiful labels and design service!

Thank you for helping me out when i needed it, so happy i found you on bing.

Was nervous at first going with a new sticker company.

I'm not much of a phone call person and i'm glad your staff can explain well over email. Thanks for accommodating the super shy :)