How fast is your free shipping?

Free Shipping over $50 option selected:  Please allow 1-3 days for your order to be processed for standard shipping.

First class (3-5 day shipping) rates are applied to orders of $199 and under.

Priority class (2-3 day shipping) rates are applied to orders above $200 and under $5000 unless otherwise discussed via our team.

In summary 5-8 days is the average turnaround time for the free shipping option. Hawaii and Alaska may vary slightly with shipping times and changes in third party provider's policies can also effect the average free shipping time.

We make every effort to fulfill orders as quickly as possible. Understand we are a team of professionals that work with the capabilities of our machines and process orders as they come in.  We do the best we can, thank you for your patience.

How fast can I get my express shipping order?

Express orders are treated with the highest priority.  Typically processed within one hour (9am-2pm m-f) for cutline approval, then printed, packed and shipped before the end of day.
*add your phone number when checking out to get your cutline and any other information "approved" ASAP! before we print & ship. *providing a contact phone number is very important, as emails can sometimes get filtered by your mail settings and may get overlooked on accident).

Express Shipping option selected: Orders must be placed before 3pm for same day processing. 

FedEx overnight (express) 24 hour delivery rates (by 4:30pm or sooner) Includes processing & Shipping time.

In some cases your delivery location is outside standard 24 hour delivery zones via third party providers the package will be received the following day. (please let us know if you live in a non central area before you order, and we will call to ensure accurate time of arrival.

USPS priority express 24 hour delivery rates (no later then 6:00pm)

If your location is outside of USPS's express delivery zone, they do guarantee a package in 48 hours.  If you are unsure if your address is in a 24 hour delivery zone, please contact your local post office before placing an order.

Do you offer any money back guarantee?

USPS & FED EX guarantees

* Signature + Insurance is required for money back guarantee, if signature is waived so is the guarantee.

In the event a package is delivered outside the guarantee time given by the third party shipping provider and 24 hours have past.  Please contact us so we can submit a claim for the refund process to begin. Once completed you will be given credit with us for the shipping cost. 

Rush production time or products (sticker or label) costs are not available for refunds due to late express shipping arrival by third party shipping provider or their policies.

Express Shipping is available Monday - Friday for orders placed before 3pm for Next Day arrival. *always best to call if unsure about arrival times, we are happy to help*

Public Holiday Express Shipping is not possible.

Deliveries are made during normal business hours at the address indicated by the Customer and in the manner specified in the order summary.  Upon delivery, the Customer must verify the contents specifying any anomalies in the delivery form or packaging.