Holiday Gift Sticker Packs!

Size & Quantity: 100 ct. 3" Inch Custom Stickers
Sticker Type: Glow in the Dark
Gift Pack: Gift Confetti + Collectable Sticker (Pack B)
Sale price$86.00



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Give the gift of inspiration and hope this season to artists, brands and musicians. 

Features of our custom shape stickers:

  • Custom shape cut for individual handouts
  • Shrink-wrapped¬†
  • Durable products that lasts years
  • Eco solvent vibrant Inks
  • Water resistant vinyl
  • strong adhesive
  • 4-6 mil thick material
  • Signature double cut w¬†easy front peel line

Signature Labels give you the ability to create a truly exclusive and rare collectable out of your stickers.  Numbered 1 of 25 through 25 of 25 plus a 1 of 1 factory proof (we suggest you keep for archival purposes). Sign them at an shows, live online events, post Instagram Reels, Tik Toks to generate hype for a new drop, feature on your e-commerce stores or offer as buy back tokens to generate capital.  Slap'em on the backs of your stickers and let history take place.  Fame is of the eyes of the beholder.

"The universe gives you what you are" - Unknown.    

Raising an artist, musician or brand's standard is very important and can be used a tool to boost both confidence and value in your industry.  Imagine if you got a signature sticker from "daft punk" before they blew up?  We all have passion for what we do, so why not document the journey with style.  Offer your patrons and fans a true keep sake and collectable item for their loyal support. 

This is the concept and movement is increasing with each signature label pack we send out.  Join the movement of creators now. 

Add numbered and sign-able holographic labels to your order exclusively at


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