Signature stickers?

Yes, you can enter the collectable market for your brand's designs!

What do you mean "Sign" my stickers?  Yes, we the collectors of the world find value in who you are and what you do.  Our mission is to take a Holographic signable and numbered sticker and start a movement with the Music / Arts Industry and beyond.  By trading and selling each others signables it gives an option for additional income for artists & brands with a fun item for fans or collectors in return. 

And yes we thought having a digital version of your new fancy Small Batch Holographic Collectables would be nice. If added,  We take your final design and create a 360 (quick spin like a coin) 5 second video .mp4 (h_264) For MINTING as an NFT to be released in tandem or pre/post release.

Each order includes a set of small batch holographic stickers.  A design of your brand’s logo or image, shipped in 3-5 days and ready to sign / release to your fans on the open market.  Here are the details.

  • 100 Holographic Vinyl Stickers  (with First Print, Second Print, Etc. on Peel Line)
  • 100 Holographic Numbered Labels  (comes on a roll, easy to sign with permanent marker & applies to the back of your stickers)
  • 100 Ultra Pro Penny Sleeves  (place your dry signature sticker inside the penny sleeve)
  • 100 Cardboard Gold Top Loaders  (then put your penny sleeved sticker inside a Top Loader, now your ready to sell.
  • 1 of 1 (Proof ) First off the Line  (keep this for your records or sell for a high premium as a rare item of your batch.

Size Details:

  • Maximum Sticker Size 3.5 x 2.5″ Inch  (we will by default make your sticker closest to Maximum Size.
  • Minimum Sticker Size 1.5 x 1″ Inch  (you can request a size between minimum and max)


  • Suggested retail $20ea. Signature Card
  • Sign collectables in person at events
  • Live stream & signing parties
  • Pre-Sales of new series or current series
  • Make a plan to “Sell Out” your batch (hype)
  • Announce multiple series (more hype)
  • Keep a few for your collection & records
  • Different pricing for select numbers of the batch
  • Trade or collaborate with others
  • Offer buy backs

Holographic Material Types:

Our standard "Spectrum HD" (classic holographic) Vs. "Foil" (also a classic rainbow style holographic) Zoomed in very close to see the High Detail (HD) in our Spectrum and why you should always choose this material for dark or highly detailed designs for best results.

One-touch Ultra Pro magnetic single card (sticker/collectable) holders and adjustable desktop displays look like below.

Quick links to our material types: GlossMatteClear, HolographicChrome HolographicGeometric, & Glow in the darkDid you know we offer express next day delivery service?   Alternately enjoy our free shipping over $50 option.

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