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    Click Here to Order STICKERS. or ...  Click Here to Order LABELS to apply on products. 

    Hologram stickers are the future and the past.  With our unique designs and layouts we are able to give our customers a neo-culture feel with their brand's Image.  Its very easy for you, just pick your options of your sticker or label, add to cart and check out.  We will message you requesting your contact info, get your proof approved, printed & shipped in 24hrs (if you choose that shipping option at checkout) or 2-3 days priority mail.

    If you want to know the details, see below. :) 

    * To place an order, choose your size, then type of Material.  We have more options then most places.  The Standard, Spectrum Holographic and these other patterns: Geometric Holographic (crystal or fractured), Sparkle Holographic (glitter or shimmer) & Sphere Holographic (orb or circle pattern) Stickers. 

    * Next pick your special features:  You automatically Get your free @ handle for your sticker's Easy Peel line.  *Easy peel line can be removed from your sticker and creates a second "look" to your sticker (by bypassing your @handle / Information & Year of Print).  

    * The second option is to Add Collector Sleeves with matching quantity of your order.  We added this option to appeal to the sticker collectors and culture out there.  The sleeves are bundled in bags of 100 and shipped with your shrink wrapped stickers.

    * The Third option is to Add a unique QR Code (which we will assist in generating for you which will lead to a URL link of your choosing) and or Adding of Social Media Icons, .com, # and @handle as a Second Sticker attached to your sticker designed by our professionals and approved by you before we print.

    The Fourth option is if you don't want any special features added?, no problem.

    * Upload your File / Image / Logo.

    * Increase your Quantity if you desire more then 100 with the + or - Quantity.

    * Add to Cart & Check out.  We will email you with a digital proof of your new Holographic Sticker, and will only start production of your batch when you are 100% happy with the layout & cutline.  We use premium vinyl hologram material and adhesive. 

    Tips for fastest service:  Spell check your @handle and ensure your image is of the highest quality and resolution. **WE WILL CONTACT YOU IF DIDN'T ADD YOUR @HANDLE on the special notes / instructions while checking out, its ok... :)


    IF YOU NEED TO ORDER MORE THEN 1000 PLEASE CONTACT US FOR THE BEST PRICE BREAK IN BULK STICKER OR LABEL ORDERS.  We have competitive price matching options *if the sticker is an identical quality then what we offer for our unique layouts and design and have a valid quote.

    Any other questions 1-800-513-1649 and we will get back to you as soon as we can. or Message our Chat on INSTAGRAM (for quicker response after normal m-f hours) 

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